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"Life in the World of Yomo is not only a good read for a young person starting their life out, but it's also a great read for someone like me who is past 40. I loved this book because it helped me to realize that it is not too late to re-create yourself and follow your dreams."
-Juli McCormick, Student

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Praise for Life in the World of Yomo

"If you find yourself just 'treading water' waiting for life to happen, READ THIS BOOK. Find a Career That Rocks!"

-Zach Aslett

"This is a must read for students who want to go to college." 

-Jake Rice

"It made me create and imagine things that I would have never done without the prompt to do so. I was eager to discover the next exercise because I found them fun to do and they helped me pinpoint certain things about the person I want to become. I always had a broad view of this person and the book helped me narrow my perception." 

-Bill Baker

"For those of you who know what you want to do in life, and for those of you who have absolutely no idea, Life in the World of Yomo is a book that will ensure you a long-term, happy career." 

-Chase Cowin

"This book is life changing and should be a freshman read for every university. It really opened my eyes to what I wanted to do with my degree and that it doesn't have to be boring!" 

-Aubrey Winjum

"Yomo is like the rescue rope that drags you from the currents of life that have carried you away from your dreams. Grab on, shake the fear of failure and get back to being what you know you've always wanted to be." 

-Forrest Moranda

"This book helped me regain my passion, not only in my career but in life! I can now create happiness for myself." 

-Tassarah Weatherly

"GREAT BOOK… Fabulous exercises and insight for the future." 

-Wendy Jo

"This is an amazing book! I wish this information had been available to me as a freshman in college." 

-Dan Holland

"What a revolution on the way I think in day-to-day situations. I absolutely loved this book and will keep it with me as a reference that helped me find my 'key to success'." 

-Samantha Telford

"After reading this book, I now miss being a kid! I aspire to never get too old to chase my dreams, and to never lose sight of what makes me happy!"
-Emily Alexander

"I recommend this book to people of all ages. Creating your Yomo takes you back to a simpler time when the hardest decision you had to make was what game to play or what picture to color. Yomo WILL change your life!" 

-Lisa Romer Keele

"This book will wake you up! Expect to be activated and energized when you read about how anyone can wake up on Monday and like his or her job." 

-M. Hubbard

"Life in the World of Yomo is a great book for anyone wanting a meaningful career. Read it and use it." 

-Zach DeKruyf

"This was such a great book and I highly recommend it to people who are going to college or trying to find out who they are and what they want to do with life... This book has truly made me look at my life and career path in a different way. Thank You!" 

-Bobby Prieto

"This was one of the most individualized critical thinking books I have ever read. I was working through the exercises and forgot I was working — it was a blast!" 

-Heather Browne

"Yomo is the solution to the career blues!" 

-Blake Farris

"This book totally makes it possible to get rid of the baggage that holds you back and embrace the new you; where all your dreams have been waiting... It has changed the direction of my life in looking at employment and in looking atpersonal change for the better." 

-Jason Smart

"Find your Yomo! A whirlwind of self-evaluation that helps one a achieve success through easily achievable goals. Let your Yomo guide you and determine who you are." 

-Neil Christiansen

"This book changed my perception of what a 'career' is. Let your Yomo take over and do something you are truly passionate about!" 

-Kyle Takak

"Life in the World of Yomo is a great book for a college graduate. It is a fun read that takes you through the steps of finding out what you really want in a job." 

-Shelby Baglien

"This book has helped me to realize that I can achieve happiness and success in my career and life. I always thought my dreams would only bedreams, but this book has helped me see that they my life can be a success, in every aspect." 

-Coralee McCarthy

"Dr. Luke makes crazy look good!" 

-Brian Lynch

"This book was such a great read with all the humor, education, and applications that the book has you complete. I strongly suggest reading it to see the personal success you can be and the help you will receive to find the perfect job that rocks!"
-Gina Barton

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