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About Biblio Publishing

Biblio Publishing is an independent publisher featuring fresh and interesting titles and offering a free, modern method of publishing. Biblio Publishing offers the most up-to-date digital creation and printing of books as well as the ability to format and offer eBook formats to many titles. Our eBooks are sold through our website and through major online bookstores such as,, The Apple Bookstore and more. We also offer fulfillment services for orders to all brick and mortar bookstores as well as distribution services through Lightning Source.

Biblio Publishing has its roots in educational publishing, with our earliest offerings in the area of course materials in the mid 1980's. After many years of focus on the educational field, we began offering our services to the public and educators alike.

Biblio Publishing is an employee owned business. We are an environmentally conscious business with an eye on the use of recycled materials and the recycling of waste products. Additionally, although Biblio Publishing offers its services nationally, we also focus on the community in which we reside, Columbus, Ohio.

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