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Print Publishing for Smashwords Authors

Biblio Publishing has been approached by numerous Smashwords authors over the past few years, asking us to assist them in offering a print version of their titles. We have done so, and have learned that it is a simple process that involves the conversion of the author's original text and hi-res cover files that were submitted to Smashwords for eBook conversion.

A little bit about Biblio Publishing… Biblio Publishing is an independent publisher that offers both Print and eBook publishing services. Our publishing services are free! Like Smashwords, we believe that a publisher should profit from the sale of books, not from the author. This system has allowed us to grow rapidly as both a publisher, and as a bookseller.

Our print books are sold through and our own online store, The Biblio Bookstore. Additionally, we offer distribution services that allow an author to place their books into the Ingram catalog. We also offer eBook publishing services through the Smashwords system. In fact, most of our authors publish both print and eBook versions of their titles. This is why we are so knowledgeable about the Smashwords' file setup, and conversion of book files between eBook and print formats.

This brings us back to our original concept. If you are a publisher through the Smashwords system, and you would like to offer a print version of your eBooks, contact Biblio Publishing. All we will need from you is your original text and a hi-resolution version of your cover files. From these, we will create a print copy of your book and will send you a proof copy for review. You will have input on pricing and royalties and will retain the ownership of your title(s). Biblio Publishing will make your book(s) available through and our website, will fulfill all orders and will pay you royalties on a quarterly basis. AND, you will be able to purchase copies of your book at a discount cost.

For more information about the Biblio Publishing program, visit the Publishing Page.
To contact Biblio Publishing, you can either email us at, or visit our Contact Page for contact alternatives.

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