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Welcome to Biblio Publishing!

Biblio Publishing is the evolution in the publication and sale of books.

Traditional Publishers have always offered a selective, complicated process, which yielded only print copies and allowed them to retain all of the control of the publication process. More recently, publishers have developed that have offered an online system by which an author can self publish, having their books offered in print version through brick-and-mortar stores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders. Additionally, these services have offered eBook versions that have been sold through online stores such as, The Apple Bookstore, and more.

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Brick-and-mortar stores are disappearing. Borders has closed and Barnes & Noble is closing nearly one-third of their stores over the next decade. This is a trend that seems to be affecting many store chains as margins decline and competition from online stores cut into revenues.

Another issue of note is that online bookstores tend to offer eBook formats that can be used only on their devices. For example, only sells files that can be read on the Kindle devices. If you own an iPad, you can't download files for your device from, but must opt instead to buy from the Apple Bookstore, which is linked to your device.

Biblio Publishing's aim has been to customize both the publishing and bookstore concepts in a way that offers the best of all available concepts. We offer modern publishing of both print and eBooks while retaining the personal touch by allowing the author to work with a publishing representative on the creation and sale of their book. And, there is no up-front charge for our publishing services. We believe that our revenues should come from the sale of the books themselves, not from the sale of "packages" to the authors, or through the required sale of large numbers of book copies.

Biblio Publishing offers Distribution Services through Lightning Source, with distribution through the Ingram Group, Baker & Taylor and more. Lightning Source distributes to over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers worldwide.

Biblio Publishing now offers Print Publishing Services for Smashwords authors.
If you have published your eBook(s) through Smashwords, but would like to also offer a print edition,
visit our Print Publishing for Smashwords Authors page.

Regarding the direct sale of the books themselves, Biblio Publishing sells our books mainly through online bookstores, offering fulfillment services to brick-and-mortar stores that order hard copies. The Biblio Bookstore offers both print versions and eBook versions of many of our titles, offering the eBooks in formats for all major eBook devices. And, in keeping with the trend for mobile devices, Biblio Publishing also offers mobile versions of both our website and The Biblio Bookstore.

For more information about our publishing services, visit our publishing page at and to purchase print and eBooks, visit the Biblio Bookstore at

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